Active sticker

Active Sticker

Global solution to extend shelf-life of fresh food

Let your berries, your vegetables and fruit stay fresh longer with Active Sticker.

Active Sticker is a simple-to-use, biodegradable sticker, made from totally natural ingredients.

Just stick it on the inside of the tupperware you keep your produce in and enjoy!

Your berries, veggies and fruit will stay fresh longer.

Why buy Active Sticker?

How does Active Sticker keep your produce fresh?

Biodegradable materials that the sticker is made of prevent spoilage by creating conditions that inhibit the growth or limit the size of microbial populations. Because it creates certain conditions within the container, the sticker doesn’t need to be in contact with food items. That is why it is recommended to keep the lid closed and put the sticker on the inside.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! Active Sticker is non-toxic, all-natural produce protector that can be composted after use. Materials it is made of decompose into particles that do not harm the environment.

What do I get out of this?

Fresh berries, fruit and vegetables in your fridge or on your counter. Active Sticker keeps your produce fresh for NO LESS than 30% longer time. That means, if you keep a tomato in your fridge for two weeks, the sticker will add an additional week to its lifetime.

Quick user guide

1. Take it

2. Stick it

3. Enjoy!

Reduce food waste – Save money – Stay healthy

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ActiveSticker is powered by

We are a pan-European startup, a team of young scientists with chemical engineering backgrounds.

We believe in sustainable food systems for present and future generations of humankind.

Our mission is to contribute meaningfully to reducing one of Europe’s greatest environmental issues – food waste. In the EU, around 88 million tonnes of food waste are generated annually and this number is expected to rise to 126 million tonnes by 2020.

We hope that Active Sticker will be a simple way each household can contribute to reducing excess food waste.